Zoning and Planning Meeting (for Riverside)

While the proposed Northland project on Needham street is, of course, our primary concern, and we hope to see YOU at the next Land Use Committee meeting (discussing financial impact and commercial/residential mix) on December 11th, there are other outsized projects proposed for the city of Newton that are in various stages of the permitting process.

You may have heard of Robert Korff and his Mark Development LLC (the Washington Place / Washington Street corridor developer).  This developer has also proposed a 1.425-million square foot development on a 12-acre parcel near the Riverside T station (see: https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2018/05/09/developers-look-revive-riverside-project-newton-much-bigger-scale/chGzLKlh7aW7XncIaE2ojL/story.html).  As you can see, the scope and scale of this project is very similar to Northland’s proposed development on Needham street.

The developer has not yet submitted his request for zoning changes and special permits, but there is nevertheless a meeting in front of the Zoning and Planning committee on Monday December 10 at 7pm.  While the agenda for this meeting does not yet show it, we are told that the first item to be discussed is whether the city should create a Vision Plan for this area (like they had for Needham street) prior to allowing the proposed development.

Notwithstanding the concerns we have with how the Needham street Vision Plan was discussed and prepared, it goes without saying that having a vision/plan prior to approving any large-scale development is better than ad-hoc building without any vision or direction.

If you are able, please join our friends from the Lower Falls Improvement Association (and us) in attending this meeting and letting the committee know that it should create a Vision Plan for Riverside!

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