Land Use Committee Meeting 3/12

Northland is slated to present a slightly modified version of its proposal for its 22-acre parcel at the corner of Needham Street and Oak Street at the Land Use Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 12th at 7pm.

Meetings are held in the city council chambers (second floor of city hall).  Please come and voice your concerns so that we can get this project sized down to what makes sense for this location.

By way of reminder: the Land Use Committee is a group of city councilors who review and either approve or deny applications for special permits (which a project the size that Northland is proposing requires) before the entire city council votes on the proposal.  Our best chance of getting Northland to meaningfully change this massively outsized project that will overwhelm our roads and overburden our schools is now!

While Northland claims it has listened to feedback from the council and the community, the slightly modified proposal it is planning to present does nothing to alleviate any of the concerns raised.

Northland’s estimate of the number of students that the project will generate is too low, and reducing the number of apartments from 822 to 800 is not meaningful enough to address this concern.

Northland’s proposal has inadequate parking for the number of residential and commercial (including retail) units requested, and the updated proposal actually reduces the number of parking spaces that Northland is proposing to build.

Northland’s proposed bus shuttle routes are insufficient to mitigate the added traffic that a project of this scale will bring to the area, are too infrequent to be useful, and are, overall, evocative of the old nexus bus service (that, as we all remember, was an abandoned failure).

If Northland is serious about listening to our concerns, they need to significantly change the size of this proposed development — as proposed it is simply too big and should not be approved.

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