About Northland

Northland has gone to great lengths to bill itself as a Newton-based community-oriented developer.  But is this the whole truth?

Northland’s own website bills itself as “a national company with portfolio concentrations throughout the East Coast and along the southern tier of the United States” and it owns 75+ residential developments in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Massachusetts.  It also owns 15 commercial properties, but includes the 7 separate parcels it owns along Needham street as individual properties on this list.

Northland’s focus is clear from its website: “Our focus is on developing innovative solutions that create value by enhancing and maximizing the potential of every property in our portfolio.’

The truth is, Northland is a real estate investment corporation, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, we must remember that Northland’s responsibility is to its investors and to its shareholders, not to its neighbors.  Northland wants to maximize value, but because it requires both zoning changes and special permits in order to build what it has proposed, this wish must be balanced with those of its neighbors.

What is next from Northland?

Northland’s current proposal covers only the 22+ acres it owns west of Needham street.  What about the 14.6 acres it owns across the street?

This past July, Northland acquired two more parcels east of Needham street, so they now own the area shaded in yellow in the image below (click on image to enlarge):



With the 22+ acres Norhtland is currently seeking to rezone and develop via a special permit, this brings the total potential development area to 37+ acres!  The two shaded areas below show the scope of the potential development: