Building Height

village green image fixed

We have often heard that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Perhaps this is why Northland likes to show the same image of their proposed “Village Green” repeatedly in all their presentations.  Whether the presentation is about traffic or financial impacts, the same image is always used and it is ever-present.  The image is a rendering of the green square from its north-east corner, depicting a nice sunny day, with kids playing and folks having picnics on the lush green lawn.  The background consists of the 3-story historic mill building and a portion of the proposed “building 3,” this visible portion is 4 stories tall.  This image is what Northland would like us to picture when we think of this proposed development.

However, had the image been rendered to present a view from the south-west corner, it would present a wholly different picture.  The background would show buildings 5a and 6a, portions of which are 8 stories and 96′ feet tall. The left side of the image would show building 4, which is also 8 stories and 96′ feet tall in places.  The right side would show the full height of building 3, which is 6 stories.

Unfortunately, we cannot rotate Northland’s image to show this, but we can show you what the image would look like if we did.  The picture above was adjusted by Karin Sharav-Zalkind to show the building heights missing from Northland’s image.  We think this is a much more accurate portrayal of the proposal.