Willing to Help?

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

We need YOUR help!  From getting your friends and neighbors informed and interested in this project to contacting the city council to voice your concerns, to helping us read and digest the mountains of documents and studies that Northland submits, we rely wholly on people LIKE YOU.

We need YOU to attend the Land Use Committee Meetings — the Land Use Committee is the first step to APPROVING this project — the time to CHANGE the project is while it is being reviewed by THIS committee.  The councilors NEED to feel the pressure of people in that room.  The meetings are typically once a month, always on Tuesdays, and typically run from 7 to 10:30pm in the city council chambers on the second floor of city hall.

We need YOUR help in reaching your friends and neighbors.  Whether it’s via email, phone, or by going door-to-door, we need YOU to help us spread the word about this MASSIVE proposed development.  If you are willing to help canvass your neighborhood, please reach out to us at  rightsizenewton@gmail.com so that we can provide you with materials (such as this flyer) and make sure that we do not cover the same area more than once.

We need YOU to CALL your city councilors.  Take 10 minutes a day to call 4 councilors on the list below.  Start with the councilors in your ward, but remember that the “at large” councilors are elected city-wide (and remind them when you call them).  At the end of the week, you will have talked to them all.  If enough of us do this, the councilors have no choice but to listen.

Ward 1 (Newton Corner / Nonantum)
Maria Greenberg: 617-631-8691
Alison Leary: 617-527-1182 (at large)
Allan Ciccone: 617-965-2690 (at large)

Ward 2 (Newtonville):
Emily Norton: 617-795-0362
Jake Auchincloss: 617-835-9895 (at large)
Susan Albright: 617-527-7108 (at large)

Ward 3 (West Newton):
Barbara Brousal-Glaser: 857-256-0646
Andrea Kelley: 857-297-2177 (at large)
James Cote: 508-983-4535 (at large)

Ward 4 (Lower Falls / West Newton):
Christopher Markiewicz: 617-332-7231
Leonard Gentile: 617-527-5446 (at large)
Joshua Krintzman: 617-558-0699 (at large)

Ward 5 (Upper Falls / Waban):
John Rice: 617-201-7088
Andreae Downs: 617-329-1261 (at large)
Deborah Crossley: 617-775-1294 (at large)

Ward 6 (Newton Centre):
Brenda Noel: 617-620-2721
Greg Schwartz: 617-396-4160 (at large)
Victoria Danberg: 508-641-4500 (at large)

Ward 7 (Chestnut Hill):
Lisle Baker: 617-566-3848
Marc Laredo: 617-527-9889 (at large)
Rebecca Grossman: 617-467-5195 (at large)

Ward 8 (Highlands / Oak Hill):
Cheryl Lappin: 617-244-9226
Richard Lipof: 617-332-8909, x24 (at large)
David Kalis: 617-504-3301 (at large)

If you haven’t already, Join Us and also add your name to this petition!

Finally, we need YOUR financial help, as well.  If you are able, please donate via GoFundMe to help us pay for flyers, lawn signs, and other materials we can use to raise awareness and help educate our neighbors and friends.